We were slowly losing control of our teen and Kim really helped us change our family around. Kim helped us reestablish our roles as parents and feel confident in those roles. By setting clear expectations and boundaries, our teens are so much happier. It took work as new rules were introduced, but if you stick with it and remain consistent, you will see changes. In one semester my daughter’s grades went up, and she became much more confident. Home life became so much calmer. I don’t know where we would be today without Kim’s help. I highly recommend Kim!
Debbie & Ryan, Boise, ID

Attending Kim Cross’s parenting class has given us the most useful and important parenting tools which has allowed us to help our children become successful. We are very involved in our children’s lives and thought we were doing everything right but we were struggling. After taking Kim’s Parenting the Love and Logic Way® course we realized why we were struggling and were able to implement the parenting tools she gave us easily and it made a difference! I had teachers come up to me the very next week and ask me what we were doing differently because are son had changed. Changed for the better! I just had the pleasure of attending another of Kim Cross’s parenting classes and again it has changed our lives. I am a teacher and a parent and I encourage anyone who is able to attend one of these parenting classes to not miss out!
Linley, Hailey, ID

Kim coached me as I raised my daughter through many teenage challenges. She helped me understand what my role as a parent is and the importance of allowing children to make mistakes. She taught me to handle difficult situations by having clear expectations with consistently applied consequences, and then allowing my daughter to take responsibility for her actions. The result has been the evolution of a mutually respectful and loving relationship with my young adult daughter, who successfully just finished her first year of college. Kim is professional, confidential, intelligent, and experienced. I recommend her without question to everyone I know who needs help being a parent.
Theresa, Eagle, ID

Kim changed our life. We were facing serious challenges within our family, but after only a few sessions, things got 80% better and they continue to improve everyday.
Michelle, Boise, ID

Your presentations to both the students and parents were amazing! You are still being talked about! When can you come back?
Paul, Manhasset, NY