Feel like there’s got to be a better way?
If you are experiencing challenges like disrespect, conflict and friction with your child and feel like there’s got to be a better way. Kim’s simple coaching can help you address problems like disrespect, entitlement, academic issues and much more. Her sensible approach will give you the skills to calmly and confidently address existing issues and prevent new ones as an effective parent.

Kim Fanter Parenting Coach

Kim Fanter Cross

Meet Kim: 25 years of results from a trusted teacher, presenter, author and parenting coach
Kim Fanter is an educator and parenting coach that has helped families with classes and one-on-one coaching in homes schools and businesses for more than 25 years. She is a Love and Logic® facilitator, author, holds a Masters degree in School Counseling and is a dedicated mom of two accomplished young adults.

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There’s hope—enjoy happier families with less stress
Parents are having fun learning simple techniques to improve family relationships, gain respect and regained control over unruly situations. Many have seen changes after just one session with Kim. You will reduce stress and enjoy a new sense of calm where love and respect can thrive. Learn more about the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent class.


Busy? Frustrated? Need Help?Kim offers many flexible options to fit your busy schedule.  Choose from one-on-one coaching or 10 popular classes to address your family challenges. Have fun and learn skills to become an effective parent, improve relationships, reduce stress and get results!

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Getting Educators & Parents on the same page!
Kim’s classes help teachers and parents work together to improve academic achievement, share control and motivate students. When teachers and parents apply the same techniques, we see students excel at home and in the classroom.

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Are your employees distracted, stressed and worn out from issues at home? Employers like Hewlett Packard, Healthwise, and  St. Luke’s have benefited from happier, more productive employees. Lunch and Learns are an easy way for your employees to get the parenting skills they need, on their own time, and get back on track at work.

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